Zasso specializes in weed and invasive plant control technologies by using high-voltage electric power.

Zasso destroys both the shoots and the even more critical roots of plants by employing advanced lightweight high-voltage methods. These powerful systems deliver safe and robust solutions without requiring any chemical agro-toxics – save for the environment, the infrastructure and human beings.

Electroherb™ reshapes weed control for a healthier future.“

effective & economical

Specifically designed electric applicators run high-energy power through the whole plant, clearing targeted areas accurately within seconds and keeping them free of plants for months without any such side effects as

  • chemical residues,
  • chemical drift and resulting plant damages,
  • soil erosion,
  • damages to infrastructure caused by mechanical elimination.

Why is innovative weeding so important?

  • Weeds are responsible for at least 10 % of all yield losses.
  • Weeds are strong competitors for crop and tree seedlings.
  • Weeding people cannot work in more qualified jobs.
  • Weeds can strongly compromise public and traffic areas.
  • Weeding along traffic routes is very dangerous.
  • Herbicides residues produce health risks.

Looking at the economic impact of efficient weeding worldwide, we are working with strong partners in different fields. Our aim is to be present on all major global markets in the near future. Making weeding a clean Technology.

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